PCR Testing

PCR Testing IN Camp

We remain committed to our guest’s health and safety while we continue to navigate through a world where Covid-19 requirements are still firmly in place. We would like all our guests to rest assured knowing that we offer Covid-19 PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests in camp at Tanda Tula.

How Does It Work?

Although various countries have different requirements, most require a PCR test to be conducted within 72 hours of departure from their stay in South Africa. If a guest requires such a test, we will contact Hoedspruit Medical Rescue (HMR), our accredited paramedics team and book an appointment on the guests behalf.

HMR will meet the guests in camp after morning game drive and assist in completing the test kit with them before taking the sealed kit back to Ampath Laboratory in Hoedspruit. Ampath Laboratories have specific operating times and the test therefore needs to be conducted before 10 am in order to ensure it gets to the Hoedspruit Ampath branch in time for daily collection. Turnaround time is between 24 & 48 hours and results can be mailed directly to the client.

What does it cost?

The Hoedspruit Medical Rescue testing rates are calculated according to the number of people requiring testing.
1 pax = R1850
2 pax = R2950
3 pax = R4050

Please be aware that these rates only apply to weekdays and not to weekends or public holidays. If a guest requires testing on a public holiday or weekend, the test rate will apply as well as a separate transfer rate that needs to be booked through a designated transfer company as the sample will then be sent to the Ampath Lab in Nelspruit. The cost for this transfer, over and above the testing cost, is R2510. This rate is fixed regardless of how many tests are sent to Nelspruit. These charges can be added to the guests bills and settled directly in camp or prepaid if preferred.

Please contact our reservations team to assist in facilitating the booking of a test.

We have tried to make this process as easy as possible for our guests. It is imperative that people who want to and are able to travel know that we are here to support them and make any cross border transitions as smooth as possible.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Rates are quoted in South African Rand (ZAR) and include VAT. Rates are reviewed quarterly and are subject to change.


Bookings can be held as provisional for up to 14 days, after which the booking is required to release or confirm. A 20% refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking.


Once confirmed with a 20% deposit, the booking is held on a status of ‘confirmed with refundable deposit’ until any of the following becomes true:

  • The booking is cancelled in writing by the agent.
  • Another request is received with overlapping dates. At such a time, the 20% refundable deposit shall be required to be converted
  • into a 20% non-refundable commitment fee. At this stage, the booking status changes to ‘confirmed with commitment.’ • In such an event, Tanda Tula will contact the client and give them the option to either confirm with the non-refundable
  • commitment fee or reschedule their dates, or, failing that, to release the booking.
  • At 60 days prior to arrival, when the full payment is due, the booking status changes to ‘confirmed with full-payment.’

Final payment is due 60 days prior to arrival. Any outstanding balance on the total reservation value shall be required to be settled at 60 days prior to arrival.

All refundable deposits, commitment fees and full payments are held in a separate call account and do not become part of the operational cash flow until the guest has stayed.

The amount stated on the invoice is what must be received by Tanda Tula nett of bank charges.


Cancellations must be received and acknowledged by Tanda Tula in writing.

‘Confirmed with refundable deposit’: bookings carry no cancellation fees up to 61 days prior to arrival.

‘Confirmed with commitment’ or ‘Confirmed with full-payment’: in the event of any reservation being cancelled after Tanda Tula has issued a confirmation, for any reason other than a WHO-recognised pandemic that impacts the booking, the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • ‘Confirmed with commitment’: if cancelled more than 60 days prior to arrival, the cancellation fee shall be equal to the 20% non- refundable commitment fee.
  • ‘Confirmed with full-payment’: if cancelled between 60 days prior to arrival, the full reservation value is forfeited.

All cancelled bookings that qualify for a refund, will be refunded less a handling fee valued at 5% of the refund amount.


Tanda Tula will allow postponement of a booking for up to 12 months, if travel is cancelled with a commitment fee or 60 days or less prior to arrival due to a WHO-recognised pandemic directly impacting the guests’ ability to travel (e.g. lockdown, no flights, guest not allowed to board a flight, guest falls ill due to a pandemic and unable to travel).

In the event of a WHO-recognised pandemic directly impacting the ability of Tanda Tula to meet its obligations with respect to the booking, all monies received, including the commitment fee, will be fully refunded (e.g. lockdown in RSA, government restrictions on trade).

Any refund is given at the discretion of Tanda Tula management and will be charge a handling fee valued at 5% of the refund amount.

All travellers are advised to take out fully comprehensive travel insurance with ‘cancellation for no reason’. This insurance must be able to fully cover cancellation of travel fewer than 60 days prior to arrival.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.