Tanda Tula - the big five on safari in South Africa
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Spring in pictures

Luke Street | A Week In Pictures

It has been a pretty mixed bag of weather conditions. The first half of the week saw the entire area blanketed in dark mysterious clouds with the odd shower here and there. It was windy, cold and wet (my good friend Chad would not have been happy). Luckily for him, he took some time off at the opportune moment! Well played Mr Cocking.

However, the second half of the week turned out to be straight out of a perfect spring setting. This time of year is always stunning to be on safari; the temperature is just perfect for ambling around the bush in search of Africa’s most acclaimed wildlife.

Tanda Tula - best birding safari adventure

Despite the ever-changing weather, the week really did bring some great sightings. It was great to see how a group of zebra huddled together during the cold, rainy conditions but it wasn’t just the zebra that were looking for warmth from each other. The River pride females and their one remaining cub were also seen in some long grass all clumped together, with the little cub (which is in fact not so little anymore) looking for warmth and attention where ever she could find it. Whether that be from her mom, or from her aunts. For those of you who were worried about this lone surviving cub, you’ll be glad to know that she is looking very strong and healthy!

Tanda Tula - zebras in black and white

Tanda Tula - Zebra on safari in the Greater Kruger

Tanda Tula - River Pride cub on a photographic safari

Tanda Tula - River Pride cub and lionesses in the Greater Kruger

Later during the week, with the help of our amazing trackers once again, we were able to find the River pride on a baby giraffe kill. Admittedly, this was not a great sighting for photography, but we did film a Sofa Safari with this sighting. Keep an eye on our channels for that episode releasing on Sunday! It was awesome to see the little cub and her father eating so peacefully together and when they had had enough, it was pretty funny to see their matching fat tummies!

Once again, the week brought some great elephant sightings. I think that my stand out sighting from the entire week was watching a small group of elephants having an absolute whale of a time as they sand bathed with the little ones who also got very carried away rolling around in the dust! I was very chuffed to capture a photo or two.

Tanda Tula - herd of elephants in the Greater Kruger

All in all, it was another great week out there in the Timbavatiand we are so excited to be able to share our home with guests again. During lockdown, it was great to be able to spend so many hours out there, but it really was a bit sad to not be able to share these amazing things with people in person!

To all our international guests and fans, we hope we get to see you very soon but until then,

Happy Snapping!


Tanda Tula - moon rising on a photographic safari

Tanda Tula - lone wildebeest in the Greater Kruger



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